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Celebrating 5 Years of Pioneering OT Cyber Risk Quantification and Management at DeNexus

DeNexus holds the distinction of being the only company to leverage inside-out data to quantify OT cyber risk in monetary terms. Here are milestones...

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Learnings From First Batch of SEC-required Incident Disclosures

Don’t be caught off guard with SEC new cybersecurity regulations, prepare!

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DeNexus Enables Tenable Customers to Quantify Cyber Risk and Optimize Cybersecurity Budgets

The strategic Integration between DeNexus and Tenable translates technical cybersecurity data into financial metrics for cyber risk decision making.

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What are Cyber Physical Systems?

The emergence of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) represents a significant leap in the way we interact with our environment. But what exactly are cyber...

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Navigating the storm: strengthening OT cybersecurity

The surge in cybersecurity threats targeted at Critical Infrastructure and cyber physical assets has become a pivotal concern for heavy industries....

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NIST CSF 2.0: A Leap Forward in Cyber Risk Management

The addition of "GOVERN" as a first step in the NIST Cyber Security Framework is a major step. 

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Comparing DeRISK Premium to our complementary offer

In early December, DeNexus introduced a complementary version of its DeRISK platform with a simplified set of features. The goal is to make cyber...

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Meet the Team: George Mawdsley, Head of Risk Solutions

DeNexus has launched a series of ever-improving cyber models, which are aimed at helping industrial organizations, insurance underwriters, reinsurers...

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How to Evaluate The Maturity of Your Cybersecurity

Understanding the maturity level of your cybersecurity controls is key to ensuring robust cyber defenses. The maturity model you choose—and how...

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