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Industrial Cyber Risk Quantification

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What is Cyber Risk Aggregation Anyway?

At DeNexus, we talk a lot about Cyber Risk Aggregation. This obsession may not be good for our social lives, but it is good for our customers in...

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Compliance for a Cyber Risk Analytics SaaS Company

As my counterparts know in IT and InfoSec, compliance isn’t a simple “connect-the-dots" exercise. The multi-cloud service environment has become...

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Building our Data Platform: Why we have chosen Databricks over Snowflake

At DeNexus, we are solving the cyber risk challenge that is plaguing critical infrastructure, and the insurers that underwrite them, across the...

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The Good, Bad and Ugly of CVSS Scores

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) is a glossary of analyzed vulnerabilities that has become one of the most known terms within...

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Confessions of a Cybersecurity Professional

I have become the head of Marketing at DeNexus just two short months ago. Yet, we have done a lot thus far, from raising nearly $5 million dollars

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The Management of Industrial Cyber Risks II – Risk Accumulation

As has been opined by many, one major challenge is the ability to calculate accumulation of cyber risk. The data conundrum is a major hurdle in...

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The Management of Industrial Cyber Risks

This much is obvious to everyone involved in risk management whether your role involves managing risks of your own company, assuming risks as a...

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Confessions of an OT Network and Systems Engineer

My first days within the ICS community began at a Geothermal operating company located off dirt roads in the middle of the California high desert....

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Cyber Risk Quantification and the Data Conundrum

It is a mere reality that focused analytics, and the risk quantification emerging from them, are now a cornerstone of society. However, when an...

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Proposed NERC Reliability Standards CIP-004-7 and CIP-011-3 (BCSI) Access Management

After three separate drafts and a multi-year effort beginning in 2019, NERC has finally approved the proposed changes to Reliability Standards ...

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