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Meet the Team: Mike Johnson - Senior Quantitative Developer

DeNexus Inc, is the leader of second-generation cyber risk quantification and management to OT/ICS Industrial stakeholders, OT service providers, and...

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DeNexus Releases DeRISK 5.4 with DNX-CSF and Enhanced Inside-Data-Driven Attack and Risk Modelling.

DeNexus releases DeRISK 5.4 delivering a new OT Cybersecurity Framework (DNX-CSF) and Enhanced Inside-Data-Driven Attack Propagation and Risk...

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Strengthening Cybersecurity: DeNexus SOC 2 Compliance Journey

StrengtheningCybersecurity:DeNexusSOC 2ComplianceJourney

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DeNexus launches DNX CSF! A new lightweight, evidence-based Cybersecurity Framework.

DeNexus launches DNX CSF: a new cybersecurity framework that solves the need for a lightweight, evidence-based Risk Assessment! 

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DeNexus empowers public companies with operational technology meet new SEC requirements.

Enhancing Cybersecurity Oversight: How DeNexus Empowers Publicly Traded Companies That Utilize Operational Technology Meet SEC Requirements 

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GridSecurity & DeNexus partner to provide more comprehensive cyber risk solutions to the renewable energy market.

GridSecurity Inc., one of the leading managed security service providers to the US renewable energy sector, and DeNexus Inc, the leading provider of...

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NAES | DeNexus Partner to Quantify and Mitigate Cyber Risk to Critical Infrastructure

NAES Corporation, the power generation industry’s largest independent providers of operations and maintenance, has announced a partnership with ...

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Meet the Team: Giuseppe Paterno

DeNexus has launched a series of ever-improving cyber models, which are aimed at helping industrial organizations, underwriters, reinsurers and ILS...

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Building our DeNexus Trusted Ecosystem: Rejecting an All-In-One Data Integration Tool

A detailed analysis of why DeNexus rejected an 'all-in-one' data integration tool

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DeNexus: Our Predictions for 2023

By Jose Seara, Founder and Chief Executive of DeNexus

The war in Ukraine could be considered the biggest development in industrial cyber this...

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