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DeNexus Accelerates Momentum with Strategic Investments from Leading Energy and Insurance Companies

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Investments to Fast-Track Company Mission to Establish the Global Standard for Industrial Cyber Risk Quantification


[BOSTON, MA], February 06, 2024: DeNexus, a leader in end-to-end cyber risk quantification and management for operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS), today announced significant investments from leading energy and insurance companies to meet the escalating global demand amid evolving cyber threats to critical infrastructure and OT environments. DeNexus plans to use strategic investments to accelerate the enhancement of its flagship DeRISK platform and establish and grow a market presence in these key industries.

The company's long-term growth strategy involves enhancing its capacity to assist industrial organizations, underwriters, reinsurers, and insurance-linked securities (ILS) investors in comprehending the risks associated with cyber-attacks on industrial companies and critical infrastructures. DeNexus' modeling and risk management capabilities have empowered industrial clients to enhance their cybersecurity, implement ROI-driven risk mitigation strategies, secure insurance coverage, optimize policy premiums for better coverage, perform prudent capital management, and meet new compliance regulations. The cyber data accumulated over the years in the DeNexus Knowledge Center will enable the risk transfer industry to make a superior risk selection, efficient underwriting and claims management, and will stimulate risk capital expansion.

“The incredible growth we have had, coupled with investments from major players in the industries we serve, is testament to DeNexus’ vision, value and year-on-year track record as a market leader in cyber risk modeling and risk transfer,” said Jose Seara, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DeNexus. “As we embark on this exciting phase of growth, we are looking forward to building a full stack solution for cyber risk and continuing to help companies take control of their cyber risk.”

Cyber modeling enhancements

In 2024, DeNexus is aiming to accelerate the widespread adoption of DeNexus’ DeRISK cyber modeling and risk management platform by industrial enterprises and physical critical infrastructures. Investments will support technology development and updates catering to industrial, re/insurance, and ILS sectors. DeNexus has launched a series of ever-improving cyber risk quantification models under its DeRISK platform, which helps both industrial organizations and underwriters comprehend and price the real risks related to cyber incidents. DeNexus also plans to launch its subsidiary, DNX Intermediaries (Bermuda) Ltd, to efficiently serve the cyber risk transfer market. The company introduced DeRISK freemium, a complimentary tool for industrial companies to assess cyber risk exposure and evaluate mitigation strategies.

Partner Program Continues Growth YoY

DeNexus continued its growth with collaboration and strategic partnerships that enhance customer value for all stakeholders involved in cybersecurity and cyber risk. The addition of partners this year includedCipher, Claroty, Forescout, GridSecurity, Nozomi and Tenable. These partnerships emphasize the importance of integrations and building alliances with these key players in their markets to further fortify the cyber risk landscape and deliver enhanced solutions to our clients.

To learn more about DeNexus, please visit https://www.denexus.io/

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