Meet the DeNexus Team: Kseniya Yemelyanova

DeNexus is launching a series of ever-improving cyber models, which are aimed at helping industrial organizations, underwriters, reinsurers and ILS investors fully understand the real risks associated with cyber breaches - creating a level playing field for all the stakeholders.

Here are the people behind the technology working to develop credible modelling in order to quantify cyber risk and develop a cyber-ILS market. Today we are talking to Data Analyst Kseniya Yemelyanova:

1. What was your career journey that led you to joining DeNexus?

I have a degree in Computer Science, and I was previously a Risk Data Analyst for a large corporate bank working on the data lineages of the bank’s loss forecasting models for wholesale customers. I joined DeNexus because I think cyber risk management is incredibly important.

2. Where will you be based?

I am in Cambridge, Massachusetts and will be working with the DeNexus inside-out team.

3. What is in the average day of a Data Analyst

Data analysts spend time understanding the data sets that are currently available in order to help solve business problems. I am providing support through cleaning data, looking for patterns, performing transformations, and presenting findings by utilizing tools such as Excel, SQL, Python, DataBricks, etc.

4. How does your role fit into DeNexus’ mission to become the global standard of industrial cyber risk quantification for agencies, shareholders, investors, boards and risk transfer market?

We are in a unique position with the data that we are currently collecting and are integrating into our platform. It’s important that we are utilizing that data to its full potential in order to make our DeRISK platform the most robust and insightful.

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