Press Release

DeNexus Partners with Claroty to Mitigate Operational Technology (OT) Risk in the Critical Infrastructure Industry

Strategic partnership and native integration will allow users to more simply and comprehensively quantify and manage OT risk

[BOSTON, MA], February 13, 2024: DeNexus, a leader in cyber risk quantification and management for operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS), today announced a strategic partnership with Claroty, the cyber-physical systems protection company. Through native integration with DeNexus, Claroty’s Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) solution will automatically and continuously provide data to drive DeRISK, DeNexus’ Cyber Risk Quantification & Management (CRQM) platform.

Leveraging critical data that already exists in their environment from telemetry sources like CTD to quantify cybersecurity risks, DeNexus and Claroty provide detailed, bottom-up, portfolio-level cyber risk modeling and quantification. This partnership will allow customers to save time and money by conducting continuous risk assessments, driving outcome-based cybersecurity indicators and trends, communicating cyber risk in dollar amounts, and budgeting effectively.

"Our collaboration with Claroty further empowers DeNexus users to manage cyber risk and protect their organization and assets from a continuously growing landscape of threats,” said Jose Seara, founder and CEO of DeNexus. “Together, DeNexus’ DeRISK platform and Claroty CTD will leverage company data to provide insights that empower customers to secure their cyber-physical systems and assets across the extended internet of things.”

Developed to help IT and OT teams tackle obstacles associated with digital transformation and converged network environments, Claroty CTD’s on-premises, passive and active collection capabilities provide comprehensive asset discovery, network connections mapping, threat and anomaly detection, and vulnerability data about OT devices. In conjunction with DeNexus’ stack of cyber risk quantification tools including DeRISK – the world’s first evidence-based, data-driven, continuous, self-adaptive, cloud-based technology powered by AI, ML and Probabilistic Inference – Claroty will leverage its library of proprietary protocols–the largest in the industry, three unique asset discovery methods, proprietary DPI and virtual segmentation technology to provide users with the ability to detect and respond to the earliest indicators of threats.
“This partnership, which combines the rich data provided by both Claroty CTD and DeNexus DeRISK, will further expand the resources and insights our users can access and leverage to manage and mitigate potential cyber risks,” said Stephan Goldberg, vice president of business development at Claroty. “This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to enhancing the capabilities available to our users, empowering them with an extensive array of resources and insights.”

For more information about DeNexus’ integration with Claroty CTD, please click here.