DeNexus Joins NVIDIA Inception Program

DeNexus has officially joined NVIDIA Inception, a program dedicated to accelerating startups working on cutting-edge technology

NVIDIA Inception is a program dedicated to accelerating startups working on cutting-edge technology and providing access to the latest technical resources from NVIDIA.

DeNexus AI and engineer talents are dedicated to solving cyber risk by developing advanced cyber risk quantification models that the company applies to:

  • Empower CISOs to proactively manage cyber risk and optimize resources and budget allocation for risk reduction.
  • Assist cyber insurers in underwriting cyber risk more accurately.

In cybersecurity, the nature of data itself evolves rapidly. At DeNexus, we continually update and refine our models powered by AI, ML and probabilistic inference to adapt to changing inputs and emerging scenarios, ensuring ongoing effectiveness.

Our approach to cyber risk modeling relies on inside-out and outside-in evidence-based data. This requires ongoing research to identify neural network architectures that are more computationally efficient, reducing training times and accelerating development. By leveraging NVIDIA GPU infrastructure, we can expand the complexity of recursive graph path calculations within our probabilistic models on large portfolios.

This allows us to simulate the propagation and impact of cyber attacks on organizations and explore all potential attack paths with enhanced efficiency. Our proprietary bottom-up approach is how we develop and train better risk aggregation models to deliver outputs of superior quality. This is also how we can better understand risk accumulation and catastrophic events. By broadening the range of traditionally observed parameters, we achieve, at reduced costs, a level of precision that would otherwise be computationally prohibitive. This is only feasible by optimizing our models on NVIDIA GPUs to infer associations between vulnerabilities, cyber attacks, tactics and techniques.  DeNexus uses ML algorithms to make the most of available data by extracting insights from unstructured data or by finding patterns or relationships between different sources of information, such as between vulnerabilities and attack paths.. 

“Being part of NVIDIA Inception is a strategic move that will boost our development efforts and bring cutting-edge resources to accelerate the delivery and improve the accuracy of our models,” said Romy Ravines, Ph.D., Head of Research and Modeling Strategies at DeNexus.  

“Joining NVIDIA Inception opens doors for us to continue pioneering new techniques that deliver better and faster outcomes for our customers,” said Alessandro Nepoti, CTO of DeNexus.

Thanks to NVIDIA for supporting cutting-edge start-ups through this Inception program. The DeNexus team can't wait to see the results in our continuous research and enhance our services to our corporate and insurance customers, improving performance, reducing resource requirements, addressing specific challenges, and advancing our product offerings.

Congrats team!
Romy Rodriguez-Ravines Ph.D.Jaume Puigbò SanvisensOvidio López EspinosaIsmael Martínez-Delgado, Kseniya Yemelyanova, Diana CarreraAlessandro Nepoti