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Meet the Team: Mitesh Chauhan

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1. What was your career journey that led you to joining DeNexus? 

My career started in the tech revolution, where I found my passion for building cloud-based technology. Since then, I’ve been hooked into Product Management (well before the industry formalised the title PM). I’ve held various roles focused on Product Management for over 20 years, from Disaster Recover to building software-defined networks in the cloud, to cryptography services across the globe. What inspires me the most is observing product growth from zero users to revenue and observing customers use the product we’ve built and then using it in ways you’ve never imagined. Use-cases are important and articulating the “WHY” is one of the most vital parts of product management. I encourage you to read Simon Sinek’s, “Start with WHY” as, once you have read this, you will understand why product management is such a vital role in any business. It's not just about building the product, but about bringing an entire organisation together and driving toward a vision and mission to remind us of WHY we are on this journey. 

At DeNexus, the why is clear: to build a true end-to-end Cyber Risk Quantification and Management platform for industrial corporates that can be used to make and implement informed risk management decisions, and a Trusted Ecosystem to enable a trusted, secure and efficient transfer of highly sensitive cyber risk data from critical infrastructures and industrial enterprises to all the stakeholders in the risk management and risk transfer chains, which is what drew me in. We are the pioneers in building the global standard for industrial cyber risk.  


2. Where will you be based? 

I will be based in South Buckinghamshire, not too far from London. I will be travelling to meet our customers and be the Voice of the Customer, to champion the feedback we get from our customers. 


3. What is in the average day of the Global VP of Product Management? 

Leadership, strategy and direction is probably the best way to describe my role. I take the vision of our CEO, define that into a mission, and rally the business.  

My role focuses on building our intelligence platform, the DeNexus Knowledge Centre, and DeNexus Trusted Ecosystem. A combination of data integrity, encryption and anonymization solutions that using trusted and certified infrastructure enables a secure and strict control over the dissemination of cyber data. 

Together DKC & DTE will bring a wealth of cyber and risk data and insights to our customers within the industrial space and the re/insurance market to build confidence and understand the risk profile and the commercial value.


4. How does your role fit into DeNexus’ mission to become the global standard of industrial cyber risk quantification for agencies, shareholders, investors, boards and risk transfer market 

My experience spans multiple verticals, segments, and technology sectors, from building out data protection services, cloud platforms globally, deploying Software Defined Networks that scale the globe that allow virtual circuits to be provisioned in minutes to cyber security cloud regions focused on cryptography, all pointing back to how data is stored, processed, and secured. 

The DeNexus data platform will use a suite of technologies to build our capability, allowing us to gain visibility through our platform into the customer's Industrial network and understand risks and vulnerabilities inside and outside of the network. DeNexus Trusted Ecosystem will be the data vessel where we will be able leverage that data to provide ground-breaking intelligence to the industrial client and the re/insurance industry when it comes to managing cyber risk. 

Just Released – DeRISK Version 5.1

The new version of DeRISK gives our ICS/OT owners/operators, stakeholders and insurers updated features and functionality:

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