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Meet the Team: Kevin Hamman

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“No matter the challenge, there is always a path to success.”  -Uknown

  1. What was your career journey that led you to joining DeNexus?
    After spending five years in enterprise IT support and system administration, it became clear to me that the most critical challenge facing the business sector in the near future is cyber-security. Moving to DeNexus was a natural choice, as they are leading the field in Operational Technology (OT) cyber risk management.

  2. Where will you be based?
    I am based out of Austin, Texas.

  3. What is an average day in the life of an Application Support Engineer
    Support engineers play a critical role in IT. My main responsibility is to manage and maintain the infrastructure that powers DeNexus, and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Applying the correct methodology to a particular issue is essential – I ensure that customer needs and feedback are translated into tangible improvements in our products.

  4. How does your role fit into DeNexus’ mission to become the global standard of industrial cyber risk quantification for agencies, shareholders, investors, boards and risk transfer market?

I ensure that the DeNexus product and customer experience are of the highest quality. Cyber is  constantly changing and evolving risk, so it is important to be able to work at a fast pace as some issues require a quick turnaround. Keeping a cool head while working under strict time constraints is a very important part of what I do. At the end of the day our customers expect a certain level of service, and we work hard to deliver this.

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