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Meet the DeNexus Team: Marco Sabatini

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DeNexus is launching a series of ever-improving cyber models, which are aimed at helping industrial organizations, underwriters, reinsurers and ILS investors fully understand the real risks associated with cyber breaches - creating a level playing field for all the stakeholders.

Here are the people behind the technology working to develop credible modelling in order to quantify cyber risk and develop a cyber-ILS market.

  1. What was your career journey that led you to joining DeNexus?

I have more than ten years of experience crafting distributed systems for several markets such as aerospace, e-commerce, OT/IoT, and cyber security.

The first time I heard about the DeNexus domain, I was fascinated. It’s something I had never heard before and I believe is extremely innovative and concrete, and that’s what persuaded me to join the team.

  1. Where will you be based?

Lugano, Switzerland, as part of DeNexus’ R&D team.

  1. What is an average day in the life of a Senior Software Architect?

I’m in charge of designing and developing the data flow that feeds our complex models for risk calculation. We’re working following agile sprint iteration. Every sprint has a precise goal based on what we have achieve for our product development. Once we decide the sprint goal, I work with the entire team. My responsibilities are to facilitate architecture discussions and decisions; bring agile practices into team process as Test Driven Development; continuously integrate pipeline end-to-end testing, and evolving our IT architecture.

  1. How does your role fit into DeNexus’ mission to become the global standard of industrial cyber risk quantification for agencies, shareholders, investors, boards and risk transfer market?

DeNexus must solve a complex problem for a complex domain, which means we need a reliable, sustainable and scalable system. My main goal is keeping the system complexity under control and also trying to lower it in order to speed up the product development delivery.

  1. What are the challenges facing the cyber re/insurance market today?

The main challenge I see is managing the huge amount of data we need for risk calculation. This means that our task is to take all of this data and make it valuable for the customer.

Find out more about Second generation risk platform DeRISK here.

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