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Meet the DeNexus Team: Alessandro Nepoti

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DeNexus is launching a series of ever-improving cyber models, which are aimed at helping industrial organizations, underwriters, reinsurers and ILS investors fully understand the real risks associated with cyber breaches - creating a level playing field for all the stakeholders.

Here are the people behind the technology working to develop credible modelling in order to quantify cyber risk and develop a cyber-ILS market.


  1. What was your career journey that led you to joining DeNexus?

I started many years ago when you could hear computers talking to each other - making metallic noises and when pixels could be seen with the naked eye.

Throughout my career, passion has always pushed me to learn something new. I felt this when I worked at SunMicrosystem, where I participated in the invention of new technologies, and witnessed the changes that this produces. I felt this passion again at the startups I founded later, where I have learned the value of people and the indispensable balance between talent and innovation.

Over the years, technology has become pervasive and merged into daily life. Protecting it has become as important as taking care of it. During the past several years, I have been on a mission to understand and resolve the various implications of cybersecurity in multiple markets such as financial, industrial, and governmental ones.

Throughout my career, I have been an engineer, a software architect, a team leader, an engineering director, and an entrepreneur. Today, I love nothing more than working with people who share the same passion for technology as me and who want to build products that our customers love to use.

When I was introduced to DeNexus, I found that the company embodied a unique expertise in the highly-exposed industrial market. It was in in growth mode, and was attracting highly-talented people who are not only profoundly educated, but also passionate about technology, and solving advanced challenges - such as trying to figure out how to quantify cyber risk.

I fell in love!


  1. Where will you be based?

I live in DeNexus. My family lives there too because it's a place I like and, consequently, I share it with those I love. My job permeates all aspects of my life – it’s important to enjoy your work.

When I leave the house, the sun that shines on my forehead is the Spanish one.


  1. What is in the average day of a Chief Technology Officer

There is no typical day for a Chief Technology Officer, just as there is no typical role for a Chief Technology Officer.

After making sure there have been no catastrophic IT problems overnight, no angry emails from customers or from the Chief Executive, I spend my day engaging with the expanding DeNexus team - practising all my language skills when I speak with my peers across the US, UK, and Europe.

A key task is to look out for those technology inflection points that should determine our long-term strategy – at DeNexus we are focused on creating a cyber-ILS market. We use self-adaptive, cloud-based technology that predicts where cyber breaches are likely to occur – and gives a loss estimate to the dollar amount.

We have created the DeRISK product, which gives industrial companies and risk underwriters the ability to quantify and manage cyber risk exposure on a continuous basis – I am responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operational aspects of this mission.


  1. How does your role fit into DeNexus’ mission to become the global standard of industrial cyber risk quantification for agencies, shareholders, investors, boards and risk transfer market?

DeNexus is at the forefront of cyber risk modelling – we are part of a second generation of technology that will create an effective and efficient risk transfer market for cyber products. Many security providers say they can provide the capabilities to quantify cyber risk – they can’t. DeNexus’ incredibly complex model addresses the dynamic nature of cyber risks for industrial companies.

In order to grow the cyber insurance market, products and risk transfer solutions are needed. There is not enough capacity in the insurance industry to support the limits of industrial companies – a robust supply of capital to take on this risk is vital. A cyber-ILS market will not develop until there is a better understanding of the risk. Credible modelling is critical to develop a cyber-ILS market – that is where DeNexus will prove its excellence and truly differentiate itself.

Find out more about Second generation risk platform DeRISK here.

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