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Just Released – DeRISK Version 5.1

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The new version of DeRISK gives our ICS/OT owners/operators, stakeholders and insurers updated features and functionality:

  • Custom Portfolios – allowing users to build site, geography, and technology portfolios in the tool so our clients can answer the most relevant risk quantification questions based on their unique needs:
    • What is our power generation facilities risk exposure?
    • How much risk do we carry at our California site?
    • How much of our risk comes from this specific vendor or technology?
  • EU Additions – new EU Maps have been added to allow our European customers to see a visual representation of different units of risk at the facility-level in the EU region. Now users can toggle between their EU and US regions and locations.
  • Better Visuals – we improved the graphics in our Risk Distribution outputs (specifically in Loss Exceedance and Probability/Density).
  • Improved UI/UX – we’ve restructured the Input page, making the User Experience more logical and efficient by grouping cyber and control related questions.


DeNexus is already working on the next release, scheduled for the end of this year! We are dedicated to delivering new features, functionality and improvements with continued feedback and guidance from our customers and users.

Find out more about Second generation risk platform DeRISK here.

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