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John Collins

John Collins brings 14 years of sales leadership experience serving the operational technology (OT) and electrical manufacturing fields. John has been intimately involved in solving some of the most critical cybersecurity challenges facing numerous automation and energy sectors and has worked closely with the leading cybersecurity regulatory bodies of the world, such as NERC-CIP, RMF, and NIST800 to provide innovative solutions to the market. Prior to DeNexus, John served in various leadership roles within sales, most recently at FoxGuard Solutions, Inc. and Honeywell. We are excited to have John Collins as part of the DeNexus leadership team and help us build up the global salesforce in this time of rapid growth.

Why I Joined a Cyber Risk Company

Over the last decade I have personally seen cybersecurity stakeholders evolve to become a more pivotable resource within nearly every industrial enterprise that I deal with. The reason for this is evolution obvious. Cyber risk is has become a central challenge, and experts that mitigate and manage it best are in high demand. With this notion, it is also clear that the old way of managing risk doesn't work anymore.

ICS/OT asset owners today have invested continuously in new cybersecurity and asset visibility tools to better manage their interconnected and expensive Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Bulk Electric Systems (BES). After a decade of witnessing this trend first-hand, I ask – is the average industrial enterprise better off?

While I will let the reader come to their own conclusion the question above, I will say that I believe cyber risk is a challenge that must be better reconciled by solution providers and the ICS/OT asset owners that they sell to. In the first half of 2021, ICS/OT-specific vulnerabilities grew by over 40%. 

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